It's never too late to binge-watch these TV series (only if you haven't watched it yet)

It's been half a year since I abandoned this blog so let's just start it with some TV series I already binge-watched. I'm not a Korean TV series fangirl--and sadly, most people mistake me for being a Korea-related-things hardcore fan (I don't know why!!!)--Korean guys are cute, too--back to those days when I used to download tons of Kyuhyun pics into my phone--but I'm more into Western. This list is not in particular order and you probably should try to watch it (only if you haven't watched it yet).

1. Sherlock
This show took a long time to wait for next season. I had waited for 3 years since the last season (Season 3) and only took 4 hours for me to finish watching Season 4 in one sitting (which already aired on TV in January 2017). Benedict Cumberbatch played as Sherlock and it's still got me indecisive who played Sherlock better between him and Robert Downey Jr. since I like both of them!!! Well, if you decided to watch this show from the first season, you would find that Sherlock is selfish, conceited, invincible, heartless, and a high-functioned sociopath. But as you watched the third season, Sherlock turned into more human and he already convinced you that he is just a cinnamon roll whom should be protected. The fourth season is worth the wait because it has more shocking episodes like  SPOILERS  the secret third Holmes sibling and the death of Sherlock's beloved ones.

2. Stranger Things
This show is about Eleven, a girl gifted with telekinetic power and while in her way to escape from a research-something facility, she meets Dustin, Mike, and Lucas then she uses her power to find their missing friend, Will, in a world called Upside Down-- the same world as we live but darker and more dangerous. It takes place in the 80s which remind you of Carrie and E.T movie. Once you watched the first episode you would find yourself getting more interested in these three boys who searched their missing friend. You would find yourself falling in love with the kids as you watched the next couple of episodes because they are just adorable and don't deserve any harm. Also, Dustin is the kind of best friend we need in our life.

3. A Series of Unfortunate Events
There was nothing surprising than when Netflix announced that they would make these dark-themed children books into a TV show. I already read all the 13 books and watched the movie adaption--unfortunately, they only made it into the first three books and no sequels. Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire just lost their parents in a fire then they sent into their new guardian--which is Count Olaf who only seeks for their fortune. I guess Count Olaf was deserved to Jim Carrey only, but as I watched the episodes Neil Patrick Harris was impressing too. You would find that this show is actually a mix of Wes Anderson and Tim Burton style. Also, Henchperson of Indeterminate Gender is my favorite character.

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